Best Dressed NLP Researchers (2016 and 2017)

Editor's Notes
The winners are picked from a 2-year period including ACL 2017 with a record-breaking crowd of 1800+. The good news is that there is only one (me) rather than three reviewers to be convinced that "this RNN is better than other RNNs". The criteria are: As the NLP conferences grow bigger, the best dressed competition becomes more fierce, and it may become more intimidating for some young researchers attending their first conference. Here are my two tips:
Disclaimer: I believe in everyone's right to wear what they feel like. For people who feel bad about not being on the list or have concerns about this list -- let us focus on winning the ACL best paper awards instead (and/or email me).

The 2015 list is here and 2014 is here. If you want to nominate someone, please email me at

-- Wei Xu Jan 16, 2018

Top 15 (in alphabetical order):
Yoav Artzi
Is Yoav the new Jacob Eisenstein? Unlike Jacob, Yoav is a hipster actually living in Brooklyn. He somehow suddently became very stylish after moving to NYC and becoming a professor.

Eunsol Choi
Like advisor like advisee. I really want to know where she gets her skirt, leather jacket, purse and everything (The highest possible true-to-heart compliment I can give to anyone's outfit is -- where did you get that?).

Yejin Choi
Yejin reinnovated herself this year with a tiger t-shirt and a sleek leather jacket!

Hal Daumé III
For his deep MLP look!

Pascale Fung
Her grey patterned dress at EMNLP 2017.

Dan Garrette
Polo shirts and khakis are classic, but easily fall into old-fashioned. Dan pulled the look together with the right belt and pair of shoes.

Dirk Hovy
He won with his suspenders look this time, and he won with a three-piece suit last time. How would he win next time?

Zunaira Jamil
The photo I snapped of her at ACL 2017 speaks for itself.

David Jurgens
I thought that no one could pull off a pink shirt. David made me change my mind. The key seems to be pairing with the ACL best sunglasses.

Chloé Kiddon
Her necklace-altered name badge at EMNLP 2016.

Martha Palmer
She wore a blue dress with amazingly interesting jewelry at WiNLP, but unfortunately, I lost the moment to snap a shot for you to see.

Candace Ross
The most colorful, playful yet professional outfit I have seen.

David Smith and Noah Smith
The Smith twins look at NAACL 2016 snapped by Maarten Sap.

Jakob Uszkoreit
Attention is all you need -- with the best hairstyle. His black cotton jacket is beautifully subtle.

Bonnie Webber
Her elegant short hair and jewelry at ACL 2017 and all time.
Best Beard:
Jared Kramer
His beard look at COLING 2016.