Notes to Prospective Students

I get lots emails from potential students that unfortunately I am unable to reply to all. Just because I don't reply doesn't mean I don't read your email or consider your application. I answer some frequent questions here:

Apply for PhD Program

Q: Will you be accepting new students for the year 201X?
A: Yes, I plan to take one or two new phd students every year. I have research funding and can also support applicants through department/university fellowship and TA-ship. The admission committee and I will look at the applications, and we usually start making offers in March every year.
Q: Is there anything special I should do when I apply?
A: Yes! If you want to work with me, be sure to list my name in your application. If in doubt, email me after you've completed your application, I can check to ensure you show up in the system.
Q: Could I do summer internships during phd?
A: I encourage phd students to do one or two summer internships to gain more research experience.
Q: What is life like in Columbus Ohio and OSU?
A: Columbus is the 14th-largest city in the United States. It has an art scene with concerts, gallery events, and constantly changing art exhibitions at Pizzuti, Wexner and Columbus Museum of Art. The zoo and botanical garden are among the best rated in U.S. Lots of good restaurants of different cuisines, microbreweries, cocktail bars, boutique coffee shops and speciality grocery stores (Japanese, Chinese, etc). The Olentangy river trail that goes through OSU campus is good for running and biking to office. OSU is a super sporty school; gym and the football stadium are right next to CS building. I also like the independent movie theater and car2go car sharing service on campus. Short direct flights to Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Denver (world-class skiing & hiking), Toronto and Philadelphia for weekend getaways or commutes; driving distance to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Lake Erie and other places.

For undergraduate, masters, phd students already at OSU

Q: Can you advise me on research or be my advisor?
A: Send me an email with your resume. My main interest is in natural language processing. You may learn more about my research on my homepage and through my publications.
Q: Would you work with undergraduate and masters students?
A: Yes! In fact, four undergraduate and two masters students not only worked but have published research papers with me. Four of them got PhD offers from top universities (UIUC, UWashington, CMU), while others got full-time jobs at Microsoft and I primarily recruit undergraduate and masters students from the classes I teach. Jason Eisner also has some good advice to students who want to work with a professor.